Berliner Seminar

The research network's Berliner Seminar at the Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin is a place where scholars with an interest in context-sensitive legal research can meet and exchange ideas at regularly scheduled lectures and discussions.


Essential tools that the network draws upon include the identification by legal scholarship of interdisciplinary research issues within local, national and trans-national contexts. We pay special attention to the Legal Discussions at Recht im Kontext, which seek to establish new discursive spaces that will leave their respective marks on the Berlin research landscape.


The Zukunftsfakultät is a project initiated by Recht im Kontext and aimed at creating a space for creative and interdisciplinary thinking about law. It is a body of up to 18 postdoctoral scholars in various sub-disciplines of legal studies at different German universities. The Zukunftsfakultät (“Future Faculty”) is gathering twice a year. At two-day workshops its members discuss topics and issues of their specialties that they seek to hone further by drawing on approaches from other disciplines. The first cohort started in 2012 and ended in 2017. After Recht im Kontext changed to Humboldt-University in the beginning of 2018, the progam remained with a new cohort at the Institute for Advanced Study.