Volume 3: Krise und Konstitutionalisierung in Europa

Krise und Konstitutionalisierung in Europa - Verfassungsblog I

Band 3: Krise und Konstitutionalisierung in Europa

On European and global levels, new and interconnected constitutional structures have emerged, prompting new questions and challenges. The Euro crisis, the struggles between domestic and European courts, and the global “war against terror” have made these new developments visible and tangible also for a wider public. Verfassungsblog has, in cooperation with Recht im Kontext at the Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin, emerged as a leading platform for a new networked transnational constitutional discourse which is now analyzed in the research project “Verfassungsblog: Perspectives of Scientific Communication in Legal Scholarship” at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin.

With contributions by Marten Breuer, Artur Dyevre, Andreas Fischer-Lescano, Christian Joerges, Jan Komárek, Matthias Kottmann, Hanno Kube, Mattias Kumm, Matthias Lehnert, Philip Liste, Franz C. Mayer, Martin Nettesheim, Ingolf Pernice, Ulrich K. Preuß, Florian Rödl, Frank Schorkopf, Jo Shaw, Daniel Thym, Maja Walter et al.

Edited by Maximilian Steinbeis, Alexandra Kemmerer and Christoph Möllers.

2015, 283 pages, hard cover, 74,- EUR, ISBN 978-3-8487-1183-3

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