Volume 7: Gerichte und ihre Äquivalente

This book addresses the forms and ramifications of conflict regulation, which has been the increasing focus of context-sensitive legal research. It paints a theoretically and empirically rich picture of the search for justice and the balancing of interests outside the formal legal system and on the basis of religious or cultural values that differ from those of a liberal ‘Western’ constitutional state. A focal point of the book is the role played by the European Union in strengthening such legal alternatives. It also presents selected lectures from the seminar ‘Recht im Kontext’, which was held at the Wissenschaftskolleg in Berlin, and is aimed at both legal scholars and those in the social sciences who desire interdisciplinary debate.

Edited by Tatjana Hörnle, Christoph Möllers, Gerhard Wagner

2020, 226 pages, hard cover, 58,- EUR, ISBN 978-3-8487-3829-8


Preface and table of contents

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